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 New Collection - BABYGAL® for babies & children


Your child deserves the best care, with products with the best quality. Give your child pleasure during bath and everyday care for the little and gentle skin. Babygal collection is enriched with natural herbal extracts of calendula, almond, olive and has a pleasant smell specifically created for baby's sensitive skin. WITHOUT parabens and artificial colours.In the rich Babygal product program you can find one and only Baby Bottom cream, now rebrend in Babygal Baby bottom cream.

Babygal® collection: 

  • BABYGAL® baby bottom cream
  • BABYGAL® baby ointment with balsam of peru
  • BABYGAL® theeting gel
  • BABYGAL® saline nasal drops
  • BABYGAL® nasal solution/spray
  • BABYGAL® baby oil
  • BABYGAL® baby moisturizing milk
  • BABYGAL® baby bath
  • BABYGAL® baby shampoo
  • BABYGAL® baby powder
  • BABYGAL® baby protective cream with zink oxide
  • BABYGAL® baby moisturizing cream





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