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SILK® hair removal and hair care collection




SILK® face & body hair removal hard wax in pellets with aluminium pan

Hard wax pellets for those who prefer traditional hot waxing method.
-For effective, easier and almost painless removal of unwanted hairs from the body and face
-Especially suitable for hair removal from sensitive areas, also for removing short and strong hair
-Particularly effective for the bikini area
-Leaves the skin smooth and soft due to the additional gentle exfoliation
-Long lasting results for up to 6 weeks
-Suitable for all skin types

Packaging: 100 g

aaaaa SILK® body face and body hair removal wax strips

Cold waxing method for effective, easier and almost painless removal of unwanted hair from the root.
-Contains formula enriched with Calendula flower extract and Sunflower oil that soothes and softens the skin, leaving it soft & smooth after each use
-Long lasting results for up to 4 weeks
-Suitable for face and body hair removal
-Easy to use and suitable for all skin types
-Perfect choice that will leave your skin silky smooth for longer, you'll have more free time in-between waxes
-Easy to use

Packaging: 20 & 200 strips


SILK® ROLL-ON natural wax for body hair removal

Natural wax for body hair removal, no added colouring and perfume and paraben free.
-Leaves the skin smooth and soft for up to 4 weeks
-Easy and accurate roll-on application
-Water rinsable
-For all skin types

Packaging: 140 ml


SILK® body hair removal cream

SILK® body hair removal cream:
-Removes unwanted body hairs fast, effectively and painlessly
-Enriched with urea, leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.
-After use, the skin is hydrated and refreshed
-The product comes with a spatula for applying and removing the cream

Packaging: 100ml




SILK® Panthenol solution & spray 5 %
provides care for dry, rough or cracked skin 
Panthenol, or Pro-Vitamin B5, is a natural vitamin normally derived from plants, which has amazing qualities when applied to the skin, hair & nails. Topical Panthenol gets deep into the skin & is absorbed by the cells where it turns into pantothenic acid (Pro-Vitamin B5) & begins to add essential moisture and makes skin look younger & smoother. Panthenol's rich humectant properties allow it to penetrate the skin surface to aid in the relief of symptoms of minor skin irritations, inflammation caused by shaving & waxing.

SILK® Panthenol solution & spray:
- Helps the skin regenerate, rehydrate & retain its moisture and elasticity, especially after sun exposure
- Soothes & softens skin after shaving or hair removal
- Also recommended for care of dry & damaged hair

Packaging: Solution/spray: 100 ml/125ml



hair bleach cream & solution for dyeing & bleaching hair

If you are looking for fast and easy way to brighten your hair, bring out your natural highlights or get your desired hair color, Silk® bleaches are perfect choice for you. With proper daily hair care, you will ensure that your hair will look great at all times. For shiny well-kept hair, bleached hair, provides hair care & hair protection. Available as 6%, 9% & 12 % solution & cream.

Packaging: 100 ml

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