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 SENSILIS® foot care collection




Sensilis® Fоot Care anti-perspiring foot powder enriched 
with tea tree oil, helps to relieve unpleasent discomforts 
caused by fungal infection. For all day protection apply 
on feet and between toes or sprinkle into shoes.
-Acts as antiseptic, absorbes, deodorizes & refreshes feet skin
-Prevents sweating, bacterial & fungal development
-Eliminates unpleasant feet odour          
Packaging: 90 g
SENSILIS® FOOT CARE cream for dry and cracked heels
Sensilis® Foot Care cream for dry and cracked heels contains:
-Salycilic acid which has keratolytic action and removes the surface layer of dead cells from the skin
-Urea which acts as emollient, softens the skin and maintains its moisture, thus preventing drying and cracking

Packaging: 100 ml

SENSILIS® FOOT CARE deodorizing foot lotion
This active formulation eliminates unpleasant odour
of the feet, especially in case of excessive sweating.
Due to the extracts of tea tree, lavender, rosemary and
triclosan, the lotion has antiinflammatory action and
prevents the development of bacterial and mycotic diseases
-Deodorizes, refreshes & removes unpleasant feet odour
-Prevents loss of water from cells and helps their epithelization
-Desinfects the skin and shows efficacy in different skin diseases & fungal infections
Packaging: 120 ml


SENSILIS® FOOT CARE Petaderm ointment for rough, thick feet’s skin
Sensilis® Foot Care Petaderm ointment:
-Effectively softens and removes rough, dry and thick feet’s skin
-Contains salycilic acid which gently removes surface 
layer of dead cells and vitamins A & E which
help skin regeneration providing smooth, soft
and gentle heel’s skin

Packaging: 100 ml

SENSILIS® FOOT CARE Intensive foot care cream
Extracts of tea tree, chamomile and triclosan enable the
cream to have anti-inflammatory action and prevent
the development of bacterial mycotic diseases, thus
maintaining the skin healthy and eliminating unpleasant odour.
-Protects & nourishes feet skin during the whole day
-Normalizes feet sweating
-Prevents skin irritation, bacterial & fungal development
-Accelerates heeling of cracked & damaged skin
-Provides gentle, soft & elastic skin
Packaging: 100 ml
  SENSILIS® FOOT CARE foot antiperspirant foot gel
Sensilis® Foot Care foot antiperspirant gel:
-Keeps feet dry & clean
-Used to prevent excessive feet sweating and to eliminate unpleasant feet odour
-This product has antihidroitic and antibacterial action
Packaging: 100 ml
SENSILIS® FOOT CARE feet care cooling gel
This active formulation with α-bisabolol, lavender,
rosemary and glycerol keeps the skin of the feet tender,
soft, elastic and normalizes sweating. The menthol
provides instant cooling and refreshment of tired feet.
Extracts of tea tree chamomile and triclosan enable the gel to have antiinflammatory action and prevent
development of bacterial and mycotic diseases, thus maintaining the skin healthy and eliminating the unpleasant odour.
-Relaxes & refreshes tired, swollen & painful feet providing a pleasant and cooled sensation
-Provides hydration & skin epithelization
-Improves feet circulation
Packaging: 100 ml
  SENSILIS® FOOT CARE Salex plasters against calluses and corns
Sensilis® Foot Care Salex plasters:
-Helps in removing painfull pressure caused by calluses & corns
-Salicylic acid & lanolin soften rough surface
-Help eliminate calluses & corns
-Protect heel from direct contact with shoes & reduce irritation
-Easy to use and does not affect the performance of everyday tasks
-Contains salycilic acid which has keratolytic action. With proper use of Saleks plaster, the salycilic acid erodes only pathological tissue and helps it’s removal
-Contains lanolin which softens & nourishes the skin
Packaging: 3 plasters 
    SENSILIS® FOOT CARE Salex liquid against calluses, corns and warts
This product is used for removal of calluses, corns, common warts (verrucae vulgares), and warts on the lower part of the foot (verrucae plantares).
-Contains powerful combination of salycilic and lactic acid which have keratolytic action. They act in synergy to destroy pathological tissue
-The collodion leaves a thin layer on the skin in a form of film, thus enabling prolonged contact between the preparation and the pathological tissue 
Packaging: 10 ml   
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