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Pain and Discomfort Relief products


REUMAGAL® ointment has vasodilatatory, mild anesthetic, analgetic,
antiseptic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory action. Reumagal® 
ointment when applied to the skin’s sore spot has rubefacient
action. It stimulates cutaneous receptors that lead to expansion
of blood vessels in the muscles and accelerates blood flow causing
feeling of warmness. Followed by mild local anesthetic action, 
it leads to the relief of muscle and joint pain. Reumagal® ointment 
when used by inhalation relieves bronchi congestion making sputum
more liquid. Due to the increased blood flow as well as antiseptic and
anti-inflammatory action, Reumagal® ointment relieves inflammatory
processes in the upper respiratory tract.
Reumagal® ointment helps with:
 -Rheumatic pain
-Back, joint and muscle pain (stretching, twisting and compressing,
sports injuries that are not accompanied by lesions of the skin)
-Inflammation of the throat and upper respiratory tract (cold, flu,
sinuses inflammation, productive cough and sneezing accompanied
with chronic inflammation of bronchial tubes). Reumagal® ointment
contains Camphor, L-menthol, mixture of essential oils of Eucalyptus
(Eucalypti aetheroleum), Lemon balm (Melissae aetheroleum) and
Pine (Pini pumilionis aetheroleum).
Packaging: 90 g
REUMAGAL®rheuma spray & solution
Reumagal® is local anesthetic and analgesic product for external use. Reumagal® has antirheumatic, analgesic and local anesthetic action.
It speeds up circulation, inhibits formation of oedema and relieves pain.
Reumagal® rheuma spray is used for the relief of:
-Rheumatic pain
-Back, joint and muscle pain (stretching, twisting, and compressing, sports injuries that are not accompanied by lesions of the skin)
-Contusion, lumbago and neuralgic pain
Reumagal® rheuma spray & solution contain menthol, benzocaine, procaine hydrochloride.
Packaging: spray/solution: 120 ml/ 100 ml
VENOGAL®  vein cream
Venogal® cream improves venous circulation, reduces oedema
and inflammation. It relieves pain, reduces tension and feeling of
heaviness in legs. The effect of Venogal® cream comes from horse
chestnut seed extract which has antiedematous, antiexcudative,
vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic action. Venogal®
cream strengthens veins tonus, which improves venous circulation,
reduces permeability of capillaries, strengthens their resistance and
reduces oedema. The effect of horse chestnut extract is enhanced by
the essential oils of rosemary, juniper and lavender. Venogal® cream
has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.
Venogal® cream is used for:
Relief of inconveniences and symptoms that are result of peripheral
circulation problems (venous standstill, inflammatory disease, varicose
veins, heavy and swollen legs due to long standing or walking and
oedema). Faster resorption of haematomas (bruises) that occurres
as a result of stroke or infusions and injections.
Packaging: 100 g

IHTIGAL® ulcer ointment

Ihtigal® ulcer ointment:
-Helps relieve skin inflammations
-Helps in healing skin infections
-Calms itching & improves the circulation
Ihtigal® ulcer ointment has antibacterial, 
anti-inflammatory and keratoplastic action.
It is used for treatment of skin problems: 
abcesses (ulcers), eczema, lichens, irritations,
inflammations, scratches and similar
damages of the skin.
Packaging : 20 g

HEMOGAL® hemorrhoid ointment
The active ingredients of horse chestnut seed extract have
antiedematous, antiexudative, vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory
and anesthetic action, which improves venous circulation.
Strengthens veins tonus walls, which improves venous circulation,
reduces the permeability of capillaries, strengthens their resistance
and inhibits formation of oedema. Marigold oil has anti-inflammatory,
antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-hemorrhagic action. The combination
of allantoin and marigold oil stimulates recovery of damaged tissue
and speeds up epithelialization. Allantoin has astrintgent action.
Bisabolol reduces inflammation, relieves the skin irritation and
enhances the effect of allantoin and marigold oil. Hemogal®
ointment is used to relieve discomfort associated with hemorrhoids
such as pain, itching and burning.
Packaging: 20 g  
Hemogal® suppositories contain St. John's Wort
and Marigold Extract.
Hemogal® suppositories have anti- inflammatory
and antiseptic action, strengthen veins tonus which improves
venous circulation, reduce the permeability of capillaries,
strengthen their resistance and accelerate epitelization
of the degenerated mucous membrane.
Hemogal® suppositories are used to relieve discomfort
associated with hemorrhoids such as pain, itching
and burning and promote healing of the rectal mucous
Packaging: 5 suppositories
SKABIGAL® scabies & pubic lice emulsion 
This product is used for treatment of dust mites
and pubic lice. This product is parasiticidal emulsion.
It contains Benzyl benzoate which with its toxic action
destroys dust mites (Sarcoptes scabiei) and pubic lice.
Skabigal® reduces itching, especially between fingers,
below armpit, sitting area and genitals. It is not toxic to
the skin and does not cause skin irritation.
Packaging : 100 ml
DENTOGAL® toothache relief drops
DENTOGAL® drops:
-Cool & calm the toothache
-Relieve the pain efficiently, quickly &
soothe local inflammations
-Act directly on the painful area
-Easy to use
-The effect of Dentogal® drops is due to the
active ingredients: Camphor, Eugenol (the
main active ingredient from Caryophylli aeth.) and
Menthol. Both Camphor and Menthol administered
locally reduce the pain and have antibacterial
and antiseptic effect. Eugenol has antiseptic,
bacteriostatic and analgesic effect. Dentogal® 
drops for toothache relief have local antiseptic and
local anaesthetic effect in the tooth's cavity, pulp
vestibule and the channel of the tooth root.
Packaging: 10 ml
HERPEGAL® roll-on for relief of symptoms
during cold sores (herpes simplex)
Relieves unpleasant symptoms during occasional
cold sores (Herpes simplex) of the lips.
Stimulates skin regeneration and helps
healing of the wounds. Soothes redness of the lips corners,
softens and intensively moisturizes dry and cracked lips
caused by cold sores (Herpes simplex).
The action of Herpegal® is due to the mixture of extracts of propolis,
aloe vera and chamomile, natural non-irritating ingredients
known for its antiviral, antiseptic, regenerative
and anti-inflammatory properties.
Packaging: 10 ml

HEADGAL® roll-on stress & tension relieve

Menthol causes local skin sensations such as cooling
or tingling at the site of application, followed by pleasant
feeling of tension relieve. Apply in a thin layer gently
across the forehead, once or twice a day.

Packaging: 10 ml


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