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About us

Good Manufacturing Practice Principles

Approach to Integration of Knowledge with Experience

Leadership through Involvement & by Example

Application of Continuous Improvement Concepts

Focus on Efficiency & Effectiveness of All Processes

Achievement of Customer Satisfaction

Recognizable Contribution of Each & Every Individual

Mutual Cooperation & Teamwork



Galafarm is a manufacturing company for the production of cosmetic, dietary supplements, herbal and OTC products. Located on a manufacturing site of 2500m2, we are equipped with the latest technology and clean production facility in order to provide quality products. With our long experience we design, develop, manufacture and package full range of liquids and semi-solids of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics. All the processes are under supervision of qualified personnel who are willing to express their knowledge and experience. We have created a customer-oriented quality business system and we are ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2003. The factory is designed, built and equipped in accordance with the up-to-date requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


Recognizable manufacturer of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products on both domestic and international market.


Be healthier, Be happier.


Galafarm is established in 1991 & ever since it has noted an evident development. In 1991 Galafarm opens a pharmacy in Skopje. The increased demand for galenic products leads to the opening of the Galafarm galenic laboratory in 1993, where liquid & semi-solid preparations were manufactured on a high scale. Introduction of new products in 1999 resulted in increased sales & a greater domestic market presence. In 2002, Galafarm takes part in the International Quality Award ceremony in Geneva where it is awarded with Certificate & Gold Star Award for Quality in Geneva. In 2003 Galafarm receives the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate issued by the certification organization Quality Austria. In the same year Galafarm expands outside Macedonia by opening a new company in Serbia. In 2004, Galafarm starts the construction of a new manufacturing site of 2500 m² on three levels. The factory is designed, built & equipped in accordance with the most up-to-date requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In January 2007, Galafarm obtains a Manufacturing Authorization Certificate from the Macedonian regulatory agency for manufacture of pharmaceutical & cosmetic products in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice.



Innovation & creativity
Galafarm establishes an innovative R&D structure that encourages creativity and facilitates development of new products. New formulations are developed and existing products are continuously improved. Our team is always searching for new ideas, ingredients and packaging to satisfy consumer demand. Innovation is fundamental to reaching consumers demands with constantly growing expectations while remaining competitive.


Galafarm manufacturing clean rooms are a class 100 000 particles per m3, which makes them ideal for manufacturing both pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The air is previously filtered in Air Handling Units (AHU) with terminal High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA). The air is filtered through these filters not only at the entrance but also at the exit to the surroundings, which confirms Galafarm’s commitment to the environment. Manufacturing operations are carried out in a clean room environment under automatically controlled temperature, pressure and air humidity. Our aim is to continuously improve our facilities, upgrade our equipment and processes. The manufacturing process is under the supervision of qualified and trained personnel led by a pharmaceutical technology specialist. The facility is designed, built & equipped in accordance with the up-to-date requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and is GMP certified for manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products since 2007. We create customer-oriented quality business system and we are ISO 9001:2008 certified, since 2003. 
We manufacture the following pharmaceutical dosage forms: 

LIQUID forms:



SOLID forms:






Packaging of capsules












In well-equipped analytical laboratory trained personal create an environment of product integrity and quality. Maintaining high quality standards can only be guaranteed by permanent quality control & modern & advanced instrumentation. Our highly qualified team of laboratory staff provides the whole range of control services-from raw materials testing to finished product testing. All incoming goods and products have to fulfill the written standards for quality, relating technological and chemical parameters.
Providing quality is one of the most important processes, especially when it comes to human health. Costumer's trust and loyalty is a result of a succesful and proper implementation of quality activities by the company.  
Galafarm implements the following Quality Assurance Policy:
-Planning and creating a customer-oriented quality assurance business system, in order to increase customer's trust and satisfaction
-Re-examination, orientation and adjustment to the market, in order to achieve increased participation in it
-Upgrading the production technology in order to achieve high degree of environmental protection.
-Delivering quality products to enhance and improve company image
-Creating long-term and correct partnerships with world-wide companies in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry in order to deliver raw materials and products in a quality manner
-Identification and elimination of all deficiencies that directly influence the loss of markets and customers profit decrease and all negative influences.



Galafarm’s goal is consumer’s satisfaction trough monitoring their needs and requirements. 
Marketing activities focus on the following:
-Respond quickly to market changes
-Improve product availability
-Follow customer requirements & market trends
-Promote our company and products so customers can make their own choice
Our marketing activities focused on our customers in Macedonia include: products promotion through personal contacts of our sales representatives with pharmacists, medical prescribers and supermarkets supervisors, different kinds of products promotion and other promotion activities. 
MARKET AREA MACEDONIA - Our products are widely distributed throughout the country. Our customers are pharmacies which contribute to 70% of total sales (with all our product range) and supermarkets which contribute to 30% of total sales (with cosmetic products). We are very competitive due to our attractive price compared with imported products and due to high product quality.
MARKET AREA SERBIA - Galafarm Belgrade is Galafarm’s exclusive importer and distributer for the Serbian market since 2004. New products are continuosly introduced on the Serbian market, supported with new marketing activities.
NEW MARKETS Macedonia is at a crossroad of Europe with major European transportation corridors intersecting it, which makes it an ideal transit and distribution center for products for European markets. The geographical proximity of these markets allows low distribution costs and “just in time” product delivery from Macedonia. Galafarm exports to the following countries: Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. For all of the above countries Galafarm has exclusive importers (trading companies) which distribute and market the products. 
Galafarm provides a safe and healthy working environment, supports employees to perform to their full potential and to take responsibility for their performance. We are committed to developing, rewarding, and retaining talent. We provide a range of resources available to help employes determine and meet their development needs.
Galafarm's working environment is firmly characterized by our values:
-Innovation & Creativity
-Customer Focused


Our misson is to help our employees deal with new challenges and maintain a clear focus. Putting these values into practice means that:
-We simplify and focus
-We initiate and embrace new challenges
-We make fast and firm decisions
-We communicate openly and give timely feedback
-We enable and encourage personal development

Application: Please apply online by submitting your CV at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Your partner for liquids & semi-solids manufacturing & packing as well as blister packing

If you expect your products to be manufactured carefully and highly professionally, then Galafarm is the place where your expectations can be met. By using us as your contract manufacturer, you can focus all your attention and financial resources for marketing and sales for the products. You will avoid huge investments involved in starting up the manufacturing process. Effective communication is the biggest factor in developing a successful working relationship. We strive to understand what issues are most important to you. Galafarm promises to manufacture your products with customized solutions and superior attention to detail. Our manufacturing department offers the following capabilities:
-Complete manufacturing and packing of solutions, syrups, suspensions, oils, creams, ointments, gels, suppositories and powder.
-Storage facilities for explosion-proof processing of alcohol-based products.

For more information please contact us at: bThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contract Packaging
The capabilities you need-the service you deserve.
Customers and consumers have the right to expect carefully manufactured products to be packed with just as much as care. Galafarm offers highly efficient service for both primary and secondary packaging, ready for the retail shelf. We provide Blister Packaging (Blister capacity 75 cycles/min) solutions that add value to your product and your business. 
International Markets
With mutual cooperation we will accomplish guarantied success.
We adopt a rather flexible approach with our customers and create a healthy environment for a successful business relationship. Our flexible approach has turned many of our customers into our long standing partners, with whom we enjoy a successful business relationship for a long time. We believe that if our customers benefit, so will we. Hence we share insights and experiences with our customers and help them become really successful. We assure that partnership with us will allow to concentrate on your areas of expertise -your customers and your markets. Our Company is focused on international markets and is looking to expand its exports to many foreign countries.

If you are interested in beeing our distributer, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.












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